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(#j4xqvna) I’ve played around with Plan 9 in VirtualBox recently and found it pretty interesting. Only thing I struggle with is the mouse-centric window manager as my wrist cramps up real bad 😥

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(#6j2mb4q) @prologic@twtxt.net some day I would genuinely like to look at lightweight alternatives to Nextcloud as I think we have mentioned before, possibly have to build one, but replacing WebDAV etc is a problem 😥

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(#muquara) Granted I wish Nextcloud itself wasn’t a PHP driven behemoth, but that’s another story 😆 But it has made a lot of that transition off typical cloud services easy.

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(#muquara) It’s true not everyone will be willing to do it, that’s fine.

But possible to self-host everything yourself if you’re willing? Absolutely. I got my missus and myself off Google docs and calendar etc and on to my Nextcloud instance. Files, tasks, calendar etc are now all sync’d and controlled by something we, well, control and know where the data is going.
I do the same with my RSS feed and even my KeePassXC database file, meaning synchronized passwords on any device. I’ve had a great experience so far.

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Also don’t put artnitrary stuff in parens at the stat of your Yarn 🤣

It was supposed to be a continuation of my previous Yarn that I ran out of characters for. Is there a safer way? 🤔 I guess square brackets for one 😅

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(#zy3ae2q) The solution to me seems simple enough, but maybe there’s some obvious roadblocks (or agendas) I’m missing.

  1. Get a unique secret token issued via the appropriate Government service that links back to your identity and vacc status.
  2. Store encrypted in (hopefully freedom respecting) scanning app of choice on your device.
  3. Done

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(#zy3ae2q) @prologic@twtxt.net

But good to see they’re making an effort not to be evil here 👌

Yes and no 😁

At least it’s not something willy nilly exclusively hosted on their servers, but the whole insistence on Google Services and Play Store being present irks me big time. Android functions perfectly fine without Google Services, so this requirement is a 👎. I hope the EFF and the likes help come up with something here.

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(2 / 2) Then I read this:

To use this feature, the device needs to run Android 5 or later and be Play Protect certified.

In other words, de-Googled devices are out of the picture. 😡 So once again it’s something that only pushes further on the monopoly. This is like Google Pay all over again.

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(#zy3ae2q) Now I was reading on the Google Developers site the following:

Storing information: The user’s COVID vaccination and test information is stored on their Android device. If a user wants to access this information on multiple devices, the user will need to manually store it on each device. Google does not retain a copy of the user’s COVID vaccination or test information.

Thought that sounded okay actually. Local storage, no cloud uploading etc. (1 / 2)

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(#zy3ae2q) @fastidious@arrakis.netbros.com

somebody has to do it. Should the government be the one doing it instead?

Probably, at least then it ties in with the health system we’re all recorded in instead of being leveraged by third parties. My point is it must NOT be left to the hands of these advertising/data sharing businesses. If it comes to that I’d rather just carry the physical card in my wallet.

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(#qahmf5q) Ahahah 🤣

Thought it a bit bemusing Facebooks keep talking about “small businesses” being affected. Like FB gives a shit about small businesses.

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(#flvqtqa) I have often thought about using one of my more ancient machines in a CLI to just do writing on or something. Y’know, much more ‘distraction-free’ and all that.

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(#nc3oawa) @prologic@twtxt.net That was definitely a clever idea, in implementing that. Certainly also helps when the timeline is having a ‘quiet’ day. And no automatic algorithms or ‘suggested’ bullshit needed!

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(#najbypq) @fastidious@twtxt.net Yeah that tends to be how capitalism is, but I’m not sure I like it in this context, exactly. Obviously things like vaccines need plenty of funding, but driving up costs and treating it like any other ‘product’ to make absolute bank seems like a kinda dick move and as @prologic@twtxt.net says, will just trickle down as increased taxes etc. I don’t know what the answer is. It’s always the same problem with these big corporations - it’s like thermal runaway, but with money.


(#najbypq) Yeah the main point is how these vaccine companies try and maximize their profits and put up roadblocks until they get what they want, not so much about whether the public is paying for them or not.


(#lhudyga) @prologic@twtxt.net Yup, indeed power failure as the weather has been miserable i.e a massive lack of sun 😅
When I can feed in voltage readings to the RPi I’ll probably set up a script to detect when voltage is getting to a certain low point and automatically shut down. Your bitcask fix is no doubt important, but I want to minimize any other potential disk corruptions of course.



“We think we are doing everything we can to help this pandemic,” added Afeyan, who is among the Moderna founders who were named to Forbes’ list of the 400 richest people in the United States for the first time last week.

Yeah, real humanitarians 🤣

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