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Intel Alder Lake-H Mobile CPU Performance Impresses, Handily Bests Ryzen Mobile
MojoKid writes: Intel lifted its performance embargo today on its new line of Alder Lake 12th Gen Core mobile processors for laptops. Reviews are hitting the web specifically with Intel’s higher-end Alder Lake-H processor SKU. Alder Lake is intended to be a single, scalable CPU architecture, designed to address PC … ⌘ Read more


IMF Urges El Salvador To Remove Bitcoin As Legal Tender
The International Monetary Fund is pushing El Salvador to ditch bitcoin as legal tender, according to a statement released on Tuesday. CNBC reports: IMF directors “stressed that there are large risks associated with the use of bitcoin on financial stability, financial integrity, and consumer protection, as well as the associated fiscal contingent liabilities.” The repo … ⌘ Read more


SAT Will Soon Be All-Digital, Shortened To 2 Hours
An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNN: The SAT taken by prospective college students across the country will go all-digital starting in 2024 and will be an hour shorter, the College Board announced in a statement Tuesday. The transition comes months after the College Board pilot-tested a digital SAT in November 2021 in the US and internationally. 80% of students said … ⌘ Read more


UK Government Plans To Release Nmap Scripts for Finding Vulnerabilities
The UK government’s cyber-security agency plans to release Nmap scripts in order to help system administrators in scanning their networks for unpatched or vulnerable devices. From a report: The new project, titled Scanning Made Easy (SME), will be managed by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and is a joint effort with Ind … ⌘ Read more


China Gives ‘Fight Club’ New Ending Where Authorities Win
The first rule of Fight Club in China? Don’t mention the original ending. The second rule of Fight Club in China? Change it so the police win. From a report: China has some of the world’s most restrictive censorship rules with authorities only approving a handful of foreign films for release each year – sometimes with major cuts. Among the latest movie … ⌘ Read more


FAA Provisionally Clears 90% of Aircraft To Fly Near 5G Networks
About 90% of the U.S. commercial aircraft fleet is at least somewhat shielded from interference caused by new 5G wireless networks, the Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday. From a report: The FAA expanded the roster of aircraft that it says can perform “most” low-visibility landings in the presence of the 5G radio waves to include several … ⌘ Read more


How Will Tonga’s Broken Internet Cable Be Mended?
An undersea fibre-optic cable which connects Tonga to the rest of the world was severed during the eruption of a volcano. From a report: New Zealand’s ministry of foreign affairs says it could take more than a month to repair breaks in the 49,889km (31,000miles) of cable that serves the South Pacific. The undersea eruption - followed by a tsunami - led to Tonga’s 110,000 people … ⌘ Read more


New Logitech Mechanical Keyboards are Conservative in Looks and Price
Logitech has introduced two mechanical keyboards to its lineup. Shipping in February, the boards are part of the company’s PC gaming brand, but with their $70 starting price and classic, toned-down look, they’re also interesting candidates for someone seeking a productivity keyboard with mechanical switches. From a report: The Logitech G … ⌘ Read more


Cracking a $2 Million Crypto Wallet
First, he forgot his PIN – then he started looking for hackers. From a report: In early 2018, Dan Reich and a friend decided to spend $50,000 in Bitcoin on a batch of Theta tokens, a new cryptocurrency then worth just 21 cents apiece. At first, they held the tokens with an exchange based in China, but within weeks, a broad crackdown on cryptocurrency by the Chinese government meant they would soon lose acc … ⌘ Read more


Biden Team Says Global Chip Shortage To Stretch Through 2022
The Biden administration has concluded that a global semiconductor shortage will persist until at least the second half of this year, promising long-term strain on a range of U.S. businesses including auto makers and the consumer electronics industry. From a report: U.S. officials plan to investigate claims of possible price gouging for chips used by aut … ⌘ Read more


eBay Will Now Authenticate Trading Cards Worth $750 or More
Online marketplace eBay is once again expanding its authentication service, this time to include support for authenticating valuable trading cards. From a report: The service will now be able to authenticate cards worth at least $750 from collectible card games, as well as sports and other non-sports cards, the company said. By the middle of this year, this s … ⌘ Read more


Indonesia Regulator Says Financial Firms Banned From Facilitating Crypto Sales
Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) on Tuesday warned that financial firms are not allowed to offer and facilitate sales of crypto assets amid a boom in crypto trading in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. From a report: “OJK has strictly prohibited financial service institutions from using, marketing, and/or facil … ⌘ Read more


Google Kills Off FLoC, Replaces it With Topics
FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts), Google’s controversial project for replacing cookies for interest-based advertising by instead grouping users into groups of users with comparable interests, is dead. In its place, Google today announced a new proposal: Topics. From a report: The idea here is that your browser will learn about your interests as you move around the web. It’ll keep … ⌘ Read more


Nvidia Quietly Prepares To Abandon $40 Billion Arm Bid
Artem S. Tashkinov writes: Nvidia is quietly preparing to abandon its purchase of Arm from SoftBank Group Corp after making little to no progress in winning approval for the $40 billion chip deal, according to people familiar with the matter. Nvidia has told partners that it doesn’t expect the transaction to close, according to one person, who asked not to be identified be … ⌘ Read more


YouTube’s CEO Says the Company Will Explore NFT Features for Video Creators
YouTube is exploring adding nonfungible token features for its video creators, Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki wrote to the siteâ™s broadcasters on Tuesday. From a report: Although Wojcicki didn’t say exactly what her team is planning, or when, it marks the first time Alphabet’s Google, YouTube’s owner, is becoming … ⌘ Read more


Flying Car Wins Airworthiness Certification
An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: A flying car capable of hitting speeds over 100mph (160kmh) and altitudes above 8,000ft (2,500m) has been issued with a certificate of airworthiness by the Slovak Transport Authority. The hybrid car-aircraft, AirCar, is equipped with a BMW engine and runs on regular petrol-pump fuel. It takes two minutes and 15 seconds to transform from c … ⌘ Read more


Linux Foundation Launches Open Source Software Development, Linux, and Git Certification
The Linux Foundation has released three new training courses on the edX platform: Open Source Software Development: Linux for Developers (LFD107x), Linux Tools for Software Development (LFD108x), and Git for Distributed Software Development (LFD109x). The three courses can be taken individually or com … ⌘ Read more


The James Webb Space Telescope Arrives At Its Final Orbit
NASA has confirmed that the James Webb Space Telescope has successfully entered its final orbit around the second Sun-Earth Lagrange point after one last course correction burn. Engadget reports: The telescope’s primary mirror segments and secondary mirror have already been deployed, but you’ll have to wait until the summer for the first imagery. NASA will s … ⌘ Read more


Space Force Just Launched Satellites Capable of ‘Inspecting’ Enemy Satellites
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Drive: Space Force launched two additional satellites today as part of its push for greater Space Domain Awareness, or SDA, in geosynchronous orbit some 22,000 miles away from Earth. The two satellites are part of the Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program, or GSSAP, … ⌘ Read more


40 People Arrested For Alleged Twitch Money Laundering Scheme
On Tuesday, Turkish police in eleven different provinces took forty suspects into custody for an alleged money laundering scam perpetrated using the Twitch streaming platform. Kotaku reports: According to Demiroren News Agency (via Daily Sabah and Dexerto), the suspects are accused of using stolen credit cards to buy Bits, which are essentially the pla … ⌘ Read more


DHS Warns of Russian Cyberattack On US If It Responds To Ukraine Invasion
As tensions rise in the standoff over Ukraine, the Department of Homeland Security has warned that the U.S. response to a possible Russian invasion could result in a cyberattack launched against the U.S. by the Russian government or its proxies. ABC News reports: “We assess that Russia would consider initiating a cyber attack again … ⌘ Read more


Twitter Suspends Wordle-Ruining Bot
Twitter has banned @wordlinator, a bot that replied to people’s Wordle posts with rude messages that include spoilers for the next day’s game. The Verge reports: The account’s spoilers appeared to be accurate (the key is easily accessible in the game’s code, so it’s not necessarily a surprise), which could end up ruining the game for anyone who sees them. […] Given that the game is about guessing a word, kn … ⌘ Read more


Tesla Now Runs the Most Productive Auto Factory In America
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Elon Musk has a very specific vision for the ideal factory: densely packed, vertically integrated and unusually massive. During Tesla’s early days of mass production, he was chided for what was perceived as hubris. Now, Tesla’s original California factory has achieved a brag-worthy title: the most productiv … ⌘ Read more


Hacktivists Say They Hacked Belarus Rail System To Stop Russian Military Buildup
Hacktivists in Belarus said on Monday they had infected the network of the country’s state-run railroad system with ransomware and would provide the decryption key only if Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko stopped aiding Russian troops ahead of a possible invasion of Ukraine. Ars Technica reports: Referring to t … ⌘ Read more


Google Gets Hit With a New Lawsuit Over ‘Deceptive’ Location Tracking
Washington DC, Texas, Washington state and Indiana announced the latest lawsuit against Big Tech Monday, alleging that Google deceived users by collecting their location data even when they believed that kind of tracking was disabled. TechCrunch reports: “Google falsely led consumers to believe that changing their account and device settin … ⌘ Read more